A Letter from the Royal Institute in Grantarr

Esteemed Members of the M&L Company,

Adventure beckons! I write to you today on the behalf of the scholars of the Royal
Ironhouse Institute of the Sciences and Brewery. Our academy has a history of employing
respectable Adventuring Companies for the purpose of the advancement of Science, and that
is, indeed, why I write to you now!

Your deeds in the town of Loudwater have not gone unnoticed, and my colleagues and
I need an able group of just your caliber for a quest of utmost importance. If you should
heed our call you will be quite rightly compensated and, more importantly, will have
advanced the cause of enlightenment for all mortal creatures! Feel free to reply by
letter, or simply visit my office at the Royal Institute where we may discuss the
specifics, and terms of a Contract.

With most Regards,

Kevril Ironhouse
Dean/Brewmaster of the Royal Ironhouse Institute of the Sciences and Brewery



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