Larkin's Logbook

Past Events

It’s been three years now since that nonsense in loudwater. Mkoll and I have plenty of stories from back then. The goblins, with their ill-concieved plan to blow a hole in the town wall. Undead, magical relics, and a strange tower full of wizard’s trickery. And then there was the floating island, a place we had only had the briefest glimpse into before we were injured and forced to return to town.

We’ve come a long way since then. As adventurers, and as business partners. M&L’s All Purpose Halflings for Hire is now a somewhat larger venture. We’ve had new members come and go, halfling or otherwise. We’ve also moved to a new location, in the hopes of increasing our profits a bit. The new building is alright, for a hole in the wall. And we’ve also recently been reacquainted with an old friend; Belward, a halfling we had known from Stormreach. Apparently he had traveled some himself, and when he heard we’d set up shop not far from where he was staying, he decided to pay us a visit.

That was almost a month ago, and after a bit of a slow period, we’ve got a new contract coming up.



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